HQ #115 / Sustainability or Greenwashing?

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In each annual issue of HQ, we have been offering different perspectives on sustainability for associations, capturing practical examples of organisations and events that are proving to be the strategic beacon of this vital trend for the MICE industry. How are European associations aligning themselves with the European Green Deal? What new sustainable requirements are being included in bidding processes and who is bridging the gap between international associations and event destinations?

Sustainability is not really an ‘issue’ anymore. It has moved past the issue stage and into the consciousness of virtually every company, organisation, association, and government in the world. So, for your next event, start by defining your sustainability objectives, being transparent, and communicating them to all stakeholders to engage them in the process. Once clearly communicated, lead with a practical plan to implement them, and measure and report the results, which can then become a benchmark for future editions to further improve and evolve the process.

As Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General of UITP and new President of European Society of Association Executives (ESAE), tells us, “when we talk about sustainability, it’s important to distinguish between the association, its members and the sector in which it operates. What associations can do is identify measures to make the sector more sustainable, provide members with tools to support them in this, and ensure that the associations’ own activities are sustained.”

In this edition of HQ, we invite you to discover, not just browse, the many examples and diverse initiatives that highlight real efforts towards sustainability and advocacy for eff ective, sustainable practices in our industry, whether they come from convention bureaux, venues, national or local governments, congress organisers, private or public organisations or individuals. There are many great ideas to take away and apply to your organisation.

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