HQ #112 / How to Attract the Next Generation of Talent?

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As we speak, in October 2023, the world is slowly waking up from a three-year sleepwalking pandemic to a reality of regional wars, galloping inflation and an environmental emergency - all of which are combining to pave the way for a slowdown in globalisation. Everywhere we go, we see posters saying "Trainee wanted".

For several years now, associatins in certain sectors have been struggling with a severe staff shortage. In this last HQ of 2023, we address one of these megatrends that, despite being of great importance for the association events sector, has been under-emphasised as a matter of concern in such a competitive market. How can we attract the best talent to our associations, train our staff and retain the best professionals?

In this regard, we would like to draw your attention to the interview with Jason Descamps, CEO of the recruitment firm Mavence. As he used to say, “Employers are the demand, candidates are the offer”. That’s because in that previous world we lived in, the clients were the demand, and the candidates were supposed to do “anything” to meet the demand... Well, not anymore, right?

On the other hand, we also visited the Academy of the Travel Management Company Wings, which, through this training camp, is trying to combat the rampant unemployment among young people in South Africa and steer their careers towards the industry. Also, not to be missed are a series of exciting articles featuring the AI, Data and Robotics Association, the event planner Melva LaJoy and her post-pandemic experiences, and a tour of Sydney.

Last but not least, a mandatory reference for our stand-out piece on Lviv, a beacon of hope in the Ukrainian war. We present you with an extensive and detailed report on how the city went from being an event powerhouse in western Ukraine to the largest humanitarian hub on the continent.

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