HQ #111 / How Event Tech is changing the world we live in?

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The last three years have undoubtedly instilled a steep learning curve in the world of meetings and events. At the height of the pandemic, virtual events became the new normal and organisers relied on event technology to create more effective online strategies to deeply involve attendees and complement their programmes with the hybrid element. 

However, as time went by, it became clear that this vision didn't fully convince delegates, planners and sponsors, in certain areas especially when engagement and day-to-day work was one of the main requirements - the dream of seamless online networking turned out to be less successful than expected, and digital interactions have not lived up to expectations.

As an association, the amazing thing is that you can draw people who care about a specific issue or cause to come together around an initiative or impact and create that experience personally. This makes it possible to forge very close ties, create networks and share a lot of education. All these event tech tools are here to help you expand your mission and purpose, broaden the scope of action, and innovate in areas why our operations were really rusty.

Take, for example, the Kaya digital learning platform, developed by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy and born out of the need to strengthen the skills of humanitarians worldwide to respond directly to crises in their localities. Or the 9th Round Table of the Asia-Pacific Associations of the UIA, held in Tokyo, presenting a unique demonstration of new robotic telepresence avatars, which were an effective solution for managing international conferences in a hybrid format.

In this issue we interview DOT Europe, representing companies offering products and services on the Internet at European level, and taking part in the main political debates affecting the digital sector and an innovative, open and secure Internet for citizens and organisations. We also spoke to Bob Vaez, CEO and founder of EventMobi, one of the largest event software providers on the market, which has focussed on creating event applications that enable digital interaction, and a do-it-yourself approach to managing hybrid planning.

And why not also read an essay by our HQ editor, Jesús Guerrero Chacón, delving into the twilight and unpredictable world of artificial intelligence as a transformative force for professional associations and events? That's right, this issue of HQ on Tech & Education explores the world of technology between AI, hybridity, data management, cybersecurity and the ethical use of these powerful tools. Stick around...

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