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The word “cyber” comes from the Greek word “kubernétēs” meaning helmsman, governor, pilot or rudder. In the cyber domain, a (cyber) system can be a computer network or a human body. Cybernetics is about communication and how information circulates in a system.

Most of the initial notions we had about the arc of cybersecurity and data protection in the events industry could be perfectly dismantled at the close of the editorship of this September’s edition. That’s why we went back to the classroom, did our homework, and went to talk to some experts.

For this edition of HQ #106 we have brought together four interviews to cover the different angles of the subject: Luigi Rebuffi, secretary-general of ECSO; cyber-security expert Robert McClure, managing director of Sequrest Paratus OÜ; tech entrepreneur Ohad Twig, CEO & co-founder of Booth Guru; and Stefan Hartman, researcher of future scenarios at the European Tourism Futures Institute.

Cyber-risk incidents can have operational, financial, reputational and strategic consequences for that organisation, and are particularly severe when it operates on critical infrastructure − prompting its leaders and CISOs to improve existing measures, and turning the tables in favour of cybersecurity and risk mitigation strategies.

The proliferation of big data, on the other hand, is a subject where our interviewees are divided on the current monetisation − simply having information is not enough to use it effectively − but who agree on its incredible potential and competitive edge for global destinations to transform the fortunes of their businesses, events and communities.

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