Brussels Explores Thailand's Charms on a Sensory Adventure

14th Sep, 2023

In the first week of September, a group of selected international associations based in Brussels embarked on a journey to explore Thailand's promising potential as a congress destination.

On an exceptionally warm and sunny day in the Belgian capital, a climate that matches Thailand's tropical charm, our senses were treated to an oasis of fragrances and flavours.

As we gathered, we enjoyed refreshing Thai beers, coconut water sodas and an array of delicious Thai snacks, including spring rolls, chips and crackers. But the aromatic lemongrass, rosemary and frankincense stole the spotlight, helping us to de-stress and find inner peace.

Taking a break from Brussels' post-summer city life and associative busyness, attendees were transported to a world of relaxation and inspiration during a natural incense workshop sponsored by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau and organised in collaboration with HQ.

Participants explored the use of incense in Thai culture and traditions, from religious and ceremonial rituals to aromatherapy, meditation and wellness. Participants even rolled up their sleeves to craft their own incense sticks, cones and tubes, gaining a hands-on insight into this ancient art.

More than just a sensory experience, our workshop revealed Thailand as a treasure of possibilities, leaving us eager to explore further. From the lush jungles of Chiang Mai to the vibrant urban pulse of Bangkok and the sandy white beaches of Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket and Koh Samui, it's an unrivalled destination for conferences and post-conference getaways.

For a lucky few, the journey continues at the 62nd ICCA Congress in Bangkok this November. Thailand is calling us, and the business opportunities are limitless.

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