Ariyana Convention Centre Danang: Leading the Way in Vietnam

In this exclusive interview, André Gentzsch, General Manager of Furama – Ariyana Danang International Tourism Complex, reveals why its convention centre is considered a leading choice in the MICE sector.

9th Jul, 2024

Ariyana Convention Centre Danang is a haven for international business events on the beautiful beaches of Da Nang, Vietnam. Its connectivity and first-class facilities have led the venue to win several awards, such as “Most Popular M.I.C.E. Resort” by the Vietnam Tourism Association in 2019 and “Convention Centre – Country Winner” by the World Luxury Award in 2022. It has also been nominated for “Vietnam’s Leading Meetings & Conference Centre” by the World Travel Awards in 2023 and 2024.

In this exclusive interview, André Gentzsch, General Manager of Furama – Ariyana Danang International Tourism Complex, which includes the convention centre, reveals why this venue is considered a leading choice in the industry:

The World Travel Awards 2024 has nominated Ariyana Convention Centre Danang as Vietnam’s Leading Meetings and conference Centre. What sets the centre apart from other venues in Vietnam, and how does it cater to the specific needs of international associations?

What sets us apart is our strategic location. Set within the Ariyana Danang International Tourism Complex, it is effortlessly connected to Furama Resort & Villas and the International Convention Palace, and stands out as Vietnam’s largest oceanfront convention facility. In addition to being located on one of the world’s most picturesque beaches, Ariyana Convention Centre Danang offers unparalleled access to significant cultural and natural sites, including Hoi An Ancient City, My Son Sanctuary, Hue Imperial City and Ba Na Hills. Its proximity to Danang’s city centre and airport facilitates smooth logistics, ensuring minimal traffic disruption – a common problem in larger cities. The centre is located on Danang’s resort road and is surrounded by over 3,000 rooms in 4-5 star properties, making it an ideal venue for events of all sizes and types.

The venue’s proven track record in hosting major international events, such as APEC 2017, has demonstrated its ability to host high-profile events. Its state-of-the-art facilities, exceptional service and a culinary team that delivers diverse and elevated dining experiences further cement its status as a premier venue. As a result, we believe that no other venue in Vietnam combines such comprehensive benefits for events of all sizes, making the Ariyana truly unique in its offering.

“Sustainability is at the core of our operations. We’re not just planning events; we're planning for the future”.

What are the current and forthcoming projects at the Ariyana Convention Centre aimed at attracting new business and enhancing the overall experience for international congress delegates?

We strive to attract new business and enhance the event experience through a multifaceted approach. Central to this is our commitment to innovation and technology. By incorporating cutting-edge solutions such as Fibaro’s wireless automation for efficient lighting and A/C control, and laser projectors for superior visuals. Additionally, our use of AI-powered facial recognition and NFC systems streamlines attendee check-ins, making the process secure and seamless. To add a unique and unforgettable visual element, we also offer innovative drone light shows, redefining aesthetic standards for events. Safety is another critical focus area. Through the ECOSMAS project, we utilise state-of-the-art IoT technology for real-time electricity usage monitoring. This helps identify and mitigate potential electrical hazards and enhances overall event safety by reducing fire risks.

Recognising the growing importance of attendee well-being in the event industry, we have introduced meditation sessions with Breathwork and Healing Sound as part of our meeting packages. These sessions, designed to reduce stress and promote a tranquil, focused state of mind, reflect a broader trend towards incorporating wellness into professional gatherings, ensuring a balanced and health-conscious event experience.

Furthermore, Ariyana is a proud co-founder of the Asia Venue Alliance (AVA), an initiative aimed at raising service standards, exchanging events, sharing industry insights, and creating a unified brand that attracts international attention. Within this alliance, we view our fellow members not as competitors, but as partners working together with the vision of setting the stage for extraordinary events that leave a lasting impact.


How does the centre prioritise sustainability in its operations, and what initiatives are in place to reduce the environmental impact of events held at the centre?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. The centre integrates green technologies such as motion-sensor lighting and energy-efficient laser projectors, significantly reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Through the ECOSMAS project, we are reducing electricity consumption by up to 30% by closely monitoring and optimising energy use.

A key sustainable practice at Ariyana is the on-site production and packaging of drinking water using glass bottles instead of single-use plastics. Our own water brand, FREDAQUA, highlights our proactive approach to minimising our environmental footprint.

“Ariyana Convention Centre Danang combines international expertise with a unique Vietnamese touch to stand as a destination in its own right”.

Can you elaborate on the centre’s legacy and how it supports the meetings industry in Vietnam?

Our sustainability commitment extends to strong community involvement. The centre works with Tr'hy village in Tay Giang district, home to the Co Tu ethnic minority, to support local agriculture. This initiative serves a triple purpose: it boosts the local economy and preserves traditional farming practices while showcasing the region’s rich culinary heritage to international delegates and promoting sustainability by reducing food miles and prioritising local, seasonal ingredients over imported goods. In addition, by incorporating traditional products such as local Nam Ô fish sauce into its cuisine, the centre helps to preserve and celebrate local heritage, providing guests with an authentic cultural experience while supporting local craftsmanship.

The centre, managed by Furama, draws on a legacy of 30 years of hospitality to significantly strengthen the meetings industry in Vietnam. Our legacy is built on a tradition of warm hospitality and superior service, which we strive to enhance from one generation to the next. Our dedicated team guarantees personalised attention to every guest, meeting their needs with genuine warmth and professionalism. Our commitment to excellence helps us create lasting memories and build strong relationships based on trust and respect. By maintaining these standards, Ariyana serves as a model for other venues across Vietnam, pushing the entire industry towards higher levels of professionalism and service quality. This raises the national profile on the global meetings and events map.

Ariyana Convention Centre Danang has a history of hosting successful, high-profile events that highlight its capabilities and services. A prime example is the APEC Summit 2017, where the Centre set a record by welcoming 21 country leaders, around 15,000 delegates and media representatives attending APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) and the CEO Summit. Other highlighted events include Global Environment Facility (GEF) Assembly and Associated Meetings, with more than 1,500 delegates from 183 member countries, or the International Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control, with more than 2,000 professors, doctors and experts from 31 countries, among many others.

Further attesting to its excellence, the Furama-Ariana Tourism Complex has recently been the venue of choice for the Global Gathering 2023 (pictured above), organised by Employment Hero – the Australian tech unicorn. Hosting nearly 700 participants during 4 days with numerous activities, the event showcased the complex’s exceptional facilities and services. Mr. Mark Robinson, Executive Vice-President of Employment Hero praised the complex for its ideal location, exceptional food, and outstanding staff, stating that Ariyana as a destination for events is "second to none" and expressing a firm intent to return for future gatherings:

"We chose Ariyana complex as the No. 1 choice because it was among the biggest and best-located hotels and convention centres for us to do our Global Gathering. When we came for our site inspection, the vibe and the whole feeling of the place just felt right. it's beautifully appointed, the food experience was amazing, the staff has been outstanding, and the senior management team, the sales team and the events team have made everything so easy for us. Ariyana as a destination for events is 100% second to none, and I'll absolutely recommend it and we'll definitely come back”.

Top global companies and associations like Siemens, Hyundai or the Society of Radiology and Nuclear have repeatedly chosen Ariyana Convention Centre Danang for their events, reflecting their trust and satisfaction with the venue's ability to deliver an exceptional experience.

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