United European Gastroenterology Releases its UEG Equality and Diversity Plan

7th Jul, 2023

United European Gastroenterology has publicly released its UEG Equality and Diversity Plan. This strategic document has been developed based on a thorough analysis of UEG's activities and working procedures, following a comprehensive plan to mainstream and improve its equality, diversity and inclusion efforts.

In 2015, United European Gastroenterology (UEG) established the Equality and Diversity Group (E&D Group). The group's responsibility is to assist, oversee and advertise the organisation's efforts to promote equality, diversity and inclusion and to address areas across the organisation where inequalities may exist.
Following a comprehensive review of activities and working procedures, which is available on the UEG website, the group has developed a comprehensive Equality and Diversity Plan (E&D Plan) which outlines UEG's commitment to creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment for all stakeholders. The E&D Plan complements the UEG Strategic Plan 2023-20261 and therefore reflects and builds on the core values of the organisation and is linked to the same 4-year period. 
The E&D Plan provides a framework for the implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives, clearly articulates the related objectives and thus enables the association's core values to be put into practice. Concerted efforts on equality and diversity are demonstrably of strategic importance to any organisation that wants to excel professionally, and therefore consider it their role to engage and develop diverse talent to maintain the highest standards of scientific quality and prepare the organisation for the future.
The E&D Plan has been carefully designed and revised to complement and reinforce the mission to promote science, research, education and quality digestive healthcare and so should allay any concerns that actions taken to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion may compromise their culture of excellence.

"We want to foster this strong and diverse community and offer space to grow and thrive, both as professionals and humans. We firmly believe that diversity of thought, experience, and perspective is essential for driving innovation, creativity, and success. Therefore, we commit to setting equitable actions and maintaining a community where everyone feels valued, supported, and included," said Dina Tiniakos, Chair UEG Equality & Diversity Group.

As Europe’s home and umbrella for multidisciplinary gastroenterology, UEG unites over 50,000 engaged professionals from national and specialist societies, individual digestive health experts and related scientists from all fields and career stages.

Read the full plan here

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