Tokyo Offers a Green Calculator to Measure the Sustainability of your Event

The launch of the carbon footprint calculator for business events serves to further enhance initiatives for a sustainable and successful event in Tokyo.
30th Mar, 2023

Tokyo recently launched a carbon footprint calculator provided by TCVB's Business Events Tokyo, to measure the environmental impact of their conferences and incentives.

The tool was launched to raise awareness about sustainability, allowing meeting planners and event organisers to measure how much CO2 emissions are generated by the event and take steps to manage a more sustainable event.

The tool is easy to use and designed so the user can follow seven simple steps of inputting primary data to get the results on how much CO₂ was emitted. By seeing the amount in total numbers and the amount per person, the organiser is able to understand the environmental impact of holding a meeting or event in Tokyo.

Summarised and detailed reports are available for download when the calculation is completed. The user can share data with attendees to raise awareness of sustainable events.

Senior Director of Business Events Tokyo Team, Kazuko Toda, commented on this: "We are aware that holding business events has environmental impacts, but we also understand and promote the importance of people meeting in person and sharing the excitement of gathering in one place. We often hear from organisers and meeting planners that they are aware of the importance of paying attention to sustainability, but they do not know where to start. We hope this tool will be a springboard for organisers and the local industry to start thinking about what they can change from what they have been doing until now and to be more conscious about the environment.

Being one of the world’s major megalopolises, Tokyo takes sustainability very seriously. To contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with an aspiration, Tokyo is actively engaging in reducing waste and greenhouse emissions and putting great emphasis on respecting diversity. During the U20 Tokyo Mayors Summit in May 2019, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government declared a “Zero Emission Tokyo” goal to contribute to the world’s net-zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this, Tokyo aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% while increasing the use of electricity generated from renewable sources to 50% by 2030. Additionally, the government has been working hard to raise public awareness of a sustainable society.

Please find the link to the carbon footprint calculator here

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