The Neurona Summit Explores Digital Transformation and Innovation at IFEMA

27th Nov, 2019

Business transformation, innovation and digitalization, among others, were the topics discussed during ‘La Neurona Summit’, the reference event in Spain for managers and professionals, organized by La Neurona. A gathering that brought together more than 1,300 professionals on 15th of October at the IFEMA North Convention Center, under the idea of ​​transforming Madrid companies.

“The day brought together more than 1,300 attendees in 10 simultaneous rooms”

The biggest challenge? “It was the concurrence in the same space of 10 parallel conferences, each in their respective room, and at the same time a commercial exhibition with almost 30 sponsors,”said Angel Escribano (director of strategy at La Neurona). Each of the events worked independently with respect to the agenda and attendees but at the same time they had to bring them all together at special moments designed for everyone.

Attendee Traffic. An added complexity during the event was the need to manage a traffic of of around 2,000 people, with their parallel rooms, their coffee and lunch breaks and simultaneously provide a good experience to the almost 120 speakers who were distributed through the different meeting rooms. "In the end we had to manage three different experiences for each of our interest groups (speakers, assistants and exhibitors) and be able not to lose control of the event's own production," said Angel.

How was communication between visitors, speakers and exhibitors managed?

Each target was assigned a specific team of people that dealt with the experience of each of them in the event. “At the same time we created specific teams to elevate the experience to the social sphere, where we were telling everything that happened in the physical place while two people for protocol and media management looked for the transcendence of the event beyond the day of celebration”, said Angel.

"The success was developed in the pre-event work that all the teams carried out with their audience in order not to generate doubts on D-day"

News. “The novelty that we have implemented this year in Madrid has been the celebration of the 10 conferences for different audiences,”Ángel. The ten thematic rooms had a common denominator, digital transformation. The speakers and professionals of the different rooms agreed that digitalization is everywhere and companies must prepare to be able to manage and adapt to it in order to survive and compete in a highly demanding market, where talent is attracted and loyal through values ​​and emotions, flexibility and teamwork.

Successful attendance and networking. The event brought together thousands of entrepreneurs, professionals and experts in a networking and conference environment that featured more than 100 speakers, leading managers of companies such as McDonald’s, Interflora, Fnac, Nh Hotels, Bla Bla Car, Aenor, Bosch, Securitas Direct , EMT or Acciona among others, who shared their knowledge with the attendees.

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