Ten Products of Traditional Culture in Hangzhou

12th Nov, 2020

Recently, Hangzhou released the top 10 scenes of Hangzhou digital economy tourism, such as Alibaba Group (China), Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, the Cloud Town & Hangzhou City Brain, among others. In addition to its rapid development in the digital economy, Hangzhou also boasts a rich cultural heritage.

If you want to experience traditional culture in Hangzhou, there are ten products available, including day trip of tea gardens, Silk Museum exploration, immersion in zen, feeling five thousand years of Liangzhu culture, exploring seal culture, walking into fan factory, enjoying Guqin Society, visiting Xixi Wetland, making pottery and learning Jiangnan Cooking.

Exposure to Tea Culture in Longjing Tea Gardens

The undisputed Tea Capital of China, Hangzhou is proud of a long history with the magic orient leaves. Intimate contact with tea naturally becomes a priority during your stay in Hangzhou. Take your team to the gardens of the famed West Lake Longjing Tea for a cultural tour. There, you will be witnessing the fascinating process of how a handful of simple bush leaves, through your labor, are turned into ingredients for a glass of aromatic drink and even part of an exclusive gift. Your collective effort in the tea fields not only brings tea but also harvests knowledge. The tea tasting in the picturesque local landscape cleanses your body and mind, leaving only fond memories.

Trying Jiangnan Cooking for A Bite of hangzhou

Qiantang, as Hangzhou was known formerly, has been a prosperous town since ancient times, inhabited by as many as a hundred thousand families. The affluent local people created distinct Hangzhou cuisine that features an appealing blending of color, fragrance, taste, appearance, texture and quality. It not only absorbs the delicate flavor of the water-rich region, but is also inspired by the pure and beautiful temperament of the literati of the past dynasties, culminating in a perfect union of the unique Chinese cultural aesthetics and the inclusive world artistic conception. With a constant emphasis on light and tender taste. Hangzhou food strives to balance freshness and saltiness and pays keen attention to retaining the original flavor of the ingredients. Steaming, braising, blanching and roasting and a sparing with oil and seasoning are the main characteristics. For a culinary adventure, your team will travel to Hangzhou New Oriental Cooking School where top-class chei-teachers will explain the key points of Hangzhou cuisine and its cooking skills As for hands-on experiences, you will receive training in the basics of cutting, stir-frying, stewing and boiling to produce a unique Hangzhou flavored dish on your own.

Seeking Soul Mates at Guqin Soclety

Guqin, chess, calligraphy and painting have always been regarded as the path of self-cultivation for literati in ancient China. Thanks to his clear, harmonious, delicate and elegant musical character, Guqin represents the spirit of Chinese scholars by incorporating concepts of loftiness, transcendence and originality. The ancient plucking musical instrument is now listed as "oral and intangible cultural heritage of mankind" by UNESCO. A trip to the old Guqin Society will help your team understand the origin and history of the Zhejiang School, by receiving the baptism of its ethereal, distant and boundless melody, and will be given the rare opportunity to practice under the tutorship of a master musician.


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