Sarawak Pavilion Shines at IMEX Frankfurt Showcasing Legacy Capital Status

20th May, 2024

Datuk Snowdan Lawan, Deputy Minister for Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts of Sarawak, officiated the opening of the Sarawak pavilion

Sarawak showcased itself, from 14–16 May at IMEX, as the Legacy Capital of Business Events in Malaysia and Borneo, offering in-demand event solutions to the worldwide business events market. The theme of this year's pavilion was community growth and development, highlighting the power of collaborations to drive social and economic transformation through business events.

There are three key talking points from Sarawak: Legacy Impact of Business Events hosted in Sarawak, the International Journal on Business Events and Legacies (IJBEL), and the Post COVID-19 Development Strategy (PCDS) 2030. Leading the delegation was The Honourable Datuk Snowdan Lawan, Sarawak’s Deputy Minister for Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts, who was also meeting with international industry leaders during the tradeshow.

“Exhibiting at IMEX Frankfurt amplifies the message that Sarawak is genuinely interested and engaged in impact-driven events. With the Post COVID-19 Development Strategy 2030 in motion, the Sarawak government actively seeks quality business events to contribute to economic prosperity, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability,” said the Honourable Datuk Snowdan Lawan, Deputy Minister for Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Sarawak. “To attract international conventions and exhibitions, as well as corporate meetings and incentives, Sarawak must be recognisable and identifiable around the world. We are glad to be here again for the second year to explore new business opportunities with global players.”

Sarawak has taken the pavilion to another level by collaborating with the Culinary & Heritage Arts Society Sarawak (CHASS), UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) Kuching Creative City of Gastronomy, and food and beverage provider, The Bibber’s Tale to showcase the fascinating relationship between business events and creative communities.

The key design chosen to reflect Sarawak’s theme of community growth and development is the Tree of Life. This design visually represents business events' direct and indirect impact on society, and how every form of business gathering is related to the world around us. “Legacy impact is an important sense of purpose for the global business events community. They are becoming more aware of their impact, and we hope that by reaffirming our Legacy Capital status in Frankfurt, we can acquire useful insights, solid business leads, and prospective partnerships to help enhance this status and contribute to the PCDS 2030,” said Amelia Roziman, CEO of BESarawak.


Sarawak and TIES Announce Collaboration to Enhance Ecotourism in Southeast Asia

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) has announced its collaboration with Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) on future ecotourism business events and developments during IMEX Frankfurt. TIES is the oldest and largest ecotourism society in the world with 15,000 active members from over 190 countries. At the forefront of ecotourism developments, TIES provides guidelines, standards, training, technical assistance, and educational resources.

According to the Post COVID-19 Development Strategy 2030, Sarawak aims to become a leading destination for ecotourism and business events in ASEAN by prioritising responsible and sustainable practices in tourism experiences and emphasising sustainable infrastructure to balance growth with minimal negative environmental impact.

The International Journal of Business Events and Legacies (IJBEL) Strategic Advisory Tripartite has also launched the special edition of the journal at IMEX Frankfurt. Volume 2 Issue 2 of IJBEL focuses on sustainability and underscores the dedication to promoting sustainable practices within the business events industry.

Sarawak Releases IJBEL Special Edition on Sustainability, emphasising commitment to a resilient future

IJBEL is the first international publication dedicated to business events and legacies that aims to bridge the gap between academic and non-academic communities. The journal is led by a Strategic Advisory Tripartite consisting of the Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Sarawak (MTCP), the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA), and Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak). Meanwhile, Curtin University Malaysia is the appointed journal manager.

IJBEL Volume 2 Issue 2 takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, covering social, economic, and environmental aspects, and emphasises the collective role individuals and organisations can play in fostering a sustainable industry.

“Adopting sustainable practices in the industry goes beyond minimising waste, reducing carbon footprints, and promoting responsible consumption. We need to examine whether our current practices promote local partnerships, create opportunities for local talents and diverse communities to contribute to the sustainability goal, and encourage leadership that celebrates diversity and inclusion. This edition is about thinking globally and acting locally for lasting change,” said The Honourable Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahmah Hamzah, Minister for Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Sarawak and Patron of IJBEL. “To make and emphasise the positive impact of what we do, we must pay attention to the finer details and recognise the significance of our actions in shaping outcomes. We hope that everyone can draw inspiration from this special edition and apply it in the future. The IJBEL Strategic Advisory Tripartite is also open to welcome more collaborators.”

“As members of the international meetings and events community, we all need to rethink our practices to be more sustainable,” said ICCA CEO and Chairman of the IJBEL Advisory Board, Senthil Gopinath. “Our sustainability efforts are a big part of the legacy we present to the world. We're proud to share in this issue of IJBEL how together, we can uphold the overarching goal of a more sustainable industry, and focus on the important work being done to further our goals of sustainable planning, execution, and management.”

“We’ve strategically launched IJBEL Volume 2 Issue 2 given that IMEX’s core values are responsibility and sustainability within event planning and management. The journal is designed for universal use and contribution, serving as a valuable educational resource for everyone in the business events community, from all corners of the globe, to enhance their event quality,” emphasised Amelia Roziman. “The IJBEL is now indexed with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) (2785-8499) and E-ISSN (2785-8855), meeting prerequisites for researchers and other academicians to cite the journal content.”

IJBEL is inviting submissions for papers and interested authors can submit their manuscripts through the official website

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