Polish Congress Ambassadors Celebrates the Best-in-Class in Katowice

28th Mar, 2024

The Polish Congress Ambassadors Gala, organised by the Polish Tourism Organisation – Poland Convention Bureau, the Polish Conference and Congress Association, and the Silesia Convention Bureau, was held on 21 March 2024. The event took place in the Walcownia Zinc Rolling Mill in Katowice, a unique post-industrial space.

During this year’s gala, Polish Congress Ambassadors for 2022 and 2023 were selected by the jury and honoured. The Polish Congress Ambassadors programme, implemented in cooperation with the Polish Tourism Organisation and the Polish Conference and Congress Association, aims to promote Poland as an attractive destination for international conferences and congresses. This year's gala was co-organised by the Silesian Tourism Organisation – the Silesia Convention Bureau.

At the ceremonie, guests were welcomed by Adam Wawoczny, CEO of the Silesian Tourism Organisation, and Rafał Szmytke, CEO of the Polish Tourism Organisation.

“We are delighted that the Polish Congress Ambassadors Gala has come to Katowice for a third time. Co-organising such an esteemed event provides ample opportunity to build a positive image of our region among guests from all over Poland. It is no coincidence that we are meeting in the post-industrial premises of the Walcownia Zinc Rolling Mill. This is the best proof that a distinguishing feature of the Silesian Province is its industrial heritage," said Adam Wawoczny.

Rafał Szmytke emphasised the importance of attracting congresses and conferences for the development of the country and Poland's position on the international arena, highlighting the role of involving people from science, culture and business in this process.

“Acquiring congresses, conferences and international events is very arduous and challenging work, sometimes carried out over several years. It involves pitching and trying to have a given event organised in Poland. It is precisely the involvement of people from science, culture and business in attracting congresses, conferences and meetings that is an important element contributing to the importance of this sector in the Polish economy,” he said.

Paula Fanderowska, chairperson of the Polish Conference and Congress Association, emphasised the importance of the cooperation and determination of the congress ambassadors in attracting events to Poland.

“We are meeting here in a very broad-based group. It is said that it takes an orchestra to get a congress, it takes cooperation. Above all, the most important figures and the driving force behind congresses and conferences are the ambassadors of these events. It is their determination, their effort and their commitment that determines whether our cities and regions will host future events.”

Paula Fanderowska also expressed her gratitude for the chance to meet in such a unique space as the Walcownia Zinc Rolling Mill.

Prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Pawełczyk, Chairman of the Polish Congress Ambassadors Programme Jury, also took the floor, highlighting Silesia's transformation from a region of heavy industry to one where science and high-tech industries dominate, and mentioning the area’s rich offering of tourist attractions. Professor Pawełczyk could not hide his pride at Katowice being awarded the title of European City of Science 2024.

The gala brought together a wide range of representatives from business, academia and other areas of public life, demonstrating the importance they attach to the development of the Polish congress sector. Among the new ambassadors who joined the ranks of the honoured are representatives of various backgrounds, confirming the versatility of Poland's promotional activities on the international arena.

Polish Congress Ambassadors Programme

The Polish Congress Ambassadors Gala is not only an opportunity to honour those who have contributed to the development of the congress country, but also a platform for the exchange of experiences and inspiration for further promotional activities. It also allows for closer cooperation between various institutions and people involved in promoting Poland as an attractive venue for international business and scientific events.

The Silesia Convention Bureau, which co-organised the ACP Gala in Katowice, is a consortium of companies and organisations operating in the MICE industry in the province. It has been operating since January 2023 as part of the Silesian Tourism Organisation and is dedicated to promoting the region as an attractive destination for organising business events.

The consortium partners who helped organise this year's ACP Gala were: Dream Events Poland, Catering24, Mercure Katowice Centrum and Business Service Galop. The gala was hosted by Michał Zalewski of dobrzepowiedziane.com, also a partner of the event.

The event was topped off with an artistic performance by the Stanisław Hadyn's Song and Dance Ensemble 'Śląsk'.

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