Oman: The best kept secret in Arabia

11th Dec, 2015

The Sultanate of Oman has one of the most diverse environments in the Middle East. Its strengths? Its authenticity, diversity and hospitality. Oman is also a perfect location for conferences and events. The winning combination of excellent infrastructure, easy access from around the globe, and welcoming people can make any event a success.

Land of 1001 adventures
Refined hotels with state-of-the-art conference facilities and an increasing number of venues designed to cater to large numbers of delegates are being developed in Oman as it positions itself to become a leading MICE destination. For those who are looking for a special destination, there are unique opportunities to create, for instance, an intimate atmosphere of authentic Arabia: need a fort or a castle? Oman is the place. In the spectacular scenery of wadis and desert, traditional tents can be set up and make any event memorable.

Fascinating experience
The landscape of Oman is fantastic, from the fjords in the north in Musandam to the waters in Muscat. The combination of red sand dunes, green mountains and azure seas creates a fascinating experience. All the usual attractions of Oman - the stunning landscapes, the rich culture, the incredible array of historical sites and the various mix of hotels will be appealing to MICE visitors and holiday-goers alike.

Natural beauty 
Muscat, the white capital city, is like a mirror of the past and the present. Archeological sites, ancient forts and museums alternate with contemporary buildings like the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and the Royal Opera House. Muscat is a symbol of the rich culture of all Oman.

The desert occupies seventy percent of Oman. But rest assured: it is anything but boring or inaccessible. On the contrary, the desertic landscape is rich and varied, with impressive sand dunes and rocky formations. In addition, a journey through Oman’s desert offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the daily life of the hospitable Bedouins.

Oman’s coastline is 3165 km long and characterized by quiet beaches, bays and high cliffs. Not far from Muscat International Airport, there are beautiful beaches and high-end hotels. The Musandam peninsula, in the north, is known for its spectacular fjords. In the south, near Salalah, you have banana plantations, frankincense trees and tropical beaches.

The mountain landscape of Oman is impressive. The peaks of the Al Hajar Mountains are more than 3,000 meters high, making spectacular panoramas and unique landscapes, ideal for outdoor activities. There are also picturesque villages on the cliffs and in the valleys, where fruits like dates, apricots and pomegranates are cultivated.

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