Messukeskus Published a Comprehensive Report within the UN’s Goals

4th May, 2020

With its responsibility report Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre points the way for the entire event business. The largest event producer in Finland has listed, point by point, work done until now within the UN’s sustainable development goal programme.

UN’s sustainable development programme (Agenda 2030) aims for a world where environment, economy and humans are taken into equal consideration. Messukeskus has a strong commitment to UN’s goals, and concentrates on making event production and event participation sustainable. Responsibility is an essential part of the company values and covers responsibility of people, environment and economy.

Climate actions and recognized energy efficiency

The best-known Messukeskus sustainable development choices until now are related to climate actions (SDG 13). Work is spurted by a responsibility goal set a year ago: to be a 110 percent carbon neutral event arena, that makes use of 99% of waste (SDG 12), produces solar energy on the roofs of Messukeskus with one of Helsinki’s largest solar power plants (SDG 7) and that in a short time has decreased water consumption by half (SDG 6). Messukeskus also co-operates with, for instance, John Nurminen Foundation as partners in the #OURSEA campaign to protect the Baltic Sea. (SDG 14).

Ticket revenue for welfare, work opportunities for people with partial workability 

Big steps have also been taken in social responsibility. Messukeskus has directed ticket revenue to welfare and offers an exceptional learning environment for students that need special support in cooperation with Vocational College Live (SDG 10). The co-operation with Finnish UNICEF has made a schoolyear possible for 20 000 children or given a vital polio vaccine for over 1,8 million children (SDG 1). This year each Messukeskus staff member can use one day for voluntary work in a place of their own choice.

Employment and income to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area – also after the pandemic

Messukeskus employs and generates income to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area with 282 million euros (SDG 8 and 9). The increase in sales of the hotels and restaurants in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is 88 million euros. The figures are based on calculations made by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences Ltd in 2018. Messukeskus aims to increase employment and economic growth through resolute goals. Plans include, for instance, internationalization and further development of the property.

Right now the main concern is the future of the event business in the world after the pandemic. The effects of the pandemic on event participation are discussed, not only because of safety issues, but also because of their significant effect on economy and employment. A programme has already been launched at Messukeskus that aims to ensure a safe start-up of events when Covid-19 restrictions are dismantled.

-When events again can be organized, the world is presumably not immediately the same as before. Events are still needed and very much required, our clients have told us so in many different ways. With our own activity we want to reassure, that it is safe to come to events when it again is time for them, says Messukeskus Managing Director Anni Vepsäläinen.

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