Malopolska: Unique Experiences at your Fingertips

3rd Nov, 2023

Krakow: convenient access, a comfortable hotel, a professionally organised meeting, and then... whether there is a demand for thrilling experiences or relaxation, a wealth of attractions awaits in the Małopolska region - attractions which are tailored to various target market groups which will leave you with extraordinary memories.

The Gateway to Małopolska - Krakow fully deserves this name, as it opens up an enormous wealth of possibilities for visitors to spend time. In southern Poland, the legacy of a thousand years of culture and tradition, unique folklore, modern infrastructure and, last but not least, wild nature - from the peaks of the Tatra Mountains to the rushing rivers and the Bledowska Desert - coexist in harmony within a relatively small area.

Kraków: Attracts with Energy, Inspires with Diversity

The region is an ideal place for blissful relaxation and integration, e.g. in the numerous spas and thermal water facilities located in the Podhale region. The latter not only provide relaxation, but also have a positive impact on health. Tasting famous local cheeses or highlander dishes in the atmospheric setting of a shepherd's hut or a wooden inn will be a real feast for the senses. Those who prefer an active way of spending their time and are open to interesting experiences will also be satisfied. They can, for example, soar beneath the clouds on a paraglider or go deep underground - a tour of the mining route in the Wieliczka Salt Mine allows you to learn the ins and outs of the profession and feel the thrill. Collectors of thrilling experiences, albeit of a different type, can opt for rafting on the Dunajec - a mountain river where rafting has a 200-year tradition and has recently been included on the UNESCO National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Every visitor to Malopolska will leave with a solid dose of motivation and inspiration in their luggage that will last a long time, feeling relaxed and full of energy to do more. But they will probably want to come back soon - to experience everything again or try something completely new.

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