Make the World Safer – China National Convention Center Successfully Received the 86th INTERPOL General Assembly

20th Nov, 2017

From 26 to 29 September, the 86th INTERPOL General Assembly held at China National Convention Center. China as the host country played an important role in the general assembly. CNCC showed the charm of new state-owned enterprises by excellent venues standardization service, showed a high standard of “Beijing service “to 1,500 law enforcement personnel, Head of Interpol , representatives of relevant international organizations and participants from 158 countries.

The 86th INTERPOL General Assembly following the meeting of 2014 APEC leaders week, the G20 summit in Hangzhou, "The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum, and Xiamen BRIC meeting, a specification high standards and great influence state activities that CNCC received, it was an important international event before the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (the 19th CPC National Congress).

In March 15, 2016, CNCC received organizers’ first site visit. As the frontline personnel of the reception task of Interpol, the association sales team worked in conjunction with the Chinese and foreign organizing committee, adhering to the principle of "customer first", carefully reading the organization rules and guidelines of Interpol, for providing good service in the latter part of the reception. During the docking process, CNCC actively communicated with the Organizing Committee, found the problem and solved the problem in time, strove to be perfect. CNCC received nearly hundreds of Chinese and foreign organizing committee site visits, more than ten times presentations or reports, 600 emails, about 3,000 call logs, a dozen plates WeChat communication group, tens thousands of WeChat records.

During the 86th INTERPOL General Assembly, CNCC service team was adhering to the top philanthropist standard superior service high quality and efficient completed the service support task, truly provided good reception service.

Top philanthropist standard superior service
On the morning of September 26th in the opening ceremony of the86th INTERPOL General Assembly, honors guards escorted the flag of People's Republic of China and the flag of Interpol entered CNCC plenary hall. National anthem of the People's Republic of China and the anthem of the Interpol were played. In the warm applause, Chinese President Xi Jinping made keynote speech "work closely with countries and international organizations on global security, and jointly build universal security for humankind" , and put forward 4 propositions to strengthen international law enforcement security cooperation. CNCC served opening ceremony, general meeting, and bilateral conferences about 467 meetings in total.

Perfect and beautiful catering service
CNCC is the first exhibition venue in China that has been certified by two food safety management systems (ISO22000) and HACCP at the same time, escorted the safety of the guests' food safety. The 86th INTERPOL General Assembly received all kinds of food: coffee breaks, buffet, farewell dinner etc about 382 times, a total of 33986 people dining. A maximum daily meal amounts to 7,900 person-time.

Elaborate catering Innovation, relentless pursuit of the details, all in a special way to highlight the broad and profound of Chinese culture, perfect and beautiful catering service of CNCC. Considering the guests' food contraindication, all the food labels were in Chinese and English, and marked out the ingredients.

Fresh, comfortable, safe meeting environment
Safety is the theme of the 86th INTERPOL General Assembly, to build a comprehensive security guarantee for guests; it is also the top priority of the CNCC security service. There were 1818 seats in plenary hall, one by one inspection, meticulous, without leaving any flaws: To create the best lighting effect in the plenary hall, engineers were in the narrow space one by one maintenance of lamps and lanterns; deputy general manager personally checked the safety. In order to show to the “Beijing service", staff did systematic, standardized strict training……perfect solution, kept hammering away, multiple drills became staff normality.

“Beijing service "gorgeous bloom
As the "Beijing service" brand, CNCC did not let central authorities and Beijing government down; CNCC completed meeting reception and guaranteed service tasks, let the world feel the charm of Beijing service again. CNCC showed the connotation of "Beijing service" to the whole world, showed great power in front of the world.

The closing ceremony of the 86th INTERPOL General Assembly held successfully in the September29th, CNCC once again followed “the safe operation of no danger of anything going wrong, good reception service and Strive to add luster“ completed the tasks, let the world feel the soft power of service and Chinese culture, again to show the “Beijing service" and "Chinese style" to the world. Mr. Meng Hongwei President of Interpol, Vice Minister of the Ministry of public security gave a speech in the closing ceremony, highly commended the meticulous service of CNCC, and on behalf of all the participants expressed heartfelt thanks to CNCC.

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