“Let yourself be charmed”, Palacongressi di Rimini launches its new video

4th Mar, 2016

Presenting and promoting a state of the art conference centre to Italy and the world: Palacongressi di Rimini. Focusing on this goal, the Event & Conference BU of Rimini Fiera has launched an online communication campaign, “Let yourself be charmed #Palastorytelling”, targeted at reaching a broad segment of the world of national and international events: organisers and promoters, medical-scientific, sports and cultural associations, enterprises, public bodies and professional orders.

At the heart of the campaign is a 4-minute video, available on www.riminipalacongressi.it and on YouTube, produced in partnership with Laboratorio Creativo GereBros in Bologna. The stars of the video are the Palacongressi and its staff; the historical and artistic beauty of Rimini and the local area, with its parks and green areas providing an essential and seductive backdrop.

"In a simple and direct manner, the video contains all the information you need to discover our ambitious, modern, technological and comfortable structure," explains Stefania Agostini, Event & Conference BU Director, "Storytelling makes it clear that those taking part in an event organised at the Palas have the opportunity to experience, not only the actual spaces of our convention centre, but also to discover an amazing city. Our 'uniqueness' is the relationship between the local area, the city, the Palacongressi. It is what has made us one of the most sought-after and regarded Italian destinations".

The video opens with a bike tour: the protagonist takes the viewer on a discovery tour of some of Rimini's most significant places. Together they take the greenway that leads from the city centre to the Palacongressi, revealing an unusual and fascinating side of Rimini, and ending up inside the rooms of the Palas, where they see all the main features. A storytelling approach with the meaning and emotion of Italian style at its heart, and the added value that the destination can offer any type of business or congress tourism.

Live communication” reveals the ins and outs of things and what goes on behind the scenes. In the case of the Palacongressi, the people who make it active and functional. They are the stars of the video, alongside the city and the venue. We told their story so that everybody can imagine just how their event can be organised" explains Renato Geremicca, from GereBros Laboratorio Creativo, "and the finale that conjures up the memory of Fellini, with the music of his films, arouses emotional involvement and gives way to poetry and "charm", the key word of the campaign”.


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