ICCA Opens a New Office Within the Panama Association Hub

22nd Apr, 2024

ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association, announced today that it is expanding its strategic presence in Latin America and the Caribbean with the establishment of a new office within the Panama Association Hub (PAH).

In collaboration with PROMTUR, Panama's destination management organisation and ICCA's association partner, the PAH was launched last year as a platform where international organisations can establish branch offices to develop the Latin American market, promote business and economic growth, foster knowledge-sharing, international cooperation, and the advancement of scientific and legacy projects in Panama and the region. 

“Latin America and the Caribbean are rapidly gaining popularity as destinations for international association conventions and congresses,” said Senthil Gopinath, ICCA CEO. “ICCA’s contribution to the region will enhance societal and economic development. ICCA has a long-term commitment to Panama, and to Latin America and the Caribbean. We’re thrilled to establish our office among some of the most-recognised names in tech, NGOs, and academia in the City of Knowledge, Panama City, a hot spot for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and inspiration — a centre for forward-thinking businesses and associations in the region.”  

Panama is proud to host the first association hub dedicated to serving all of Latin America, having identified the opportunity to develop the concept with the goal of attracting international associations and organisations to the region. The operation of the Association Hub in Panama will encourage economic growth, boost local businesses, increase foreign investment, and provide a robust platform for international conferences, seminars, congresses, and other events. 

Promtur Panama Launched the Panama Association Hub

"We are thrilled to welcome ICCA to our country, especially to the Panama Association Hub (PAH), the first Associative Center in Latin America,” said Fernando Fondevila, CEO of PROMTUR Panama. “Only four locations in the world have an associative model: Brussels, Washington, D.C., Singapore, and Dubai. The PAH is the first in the region, positioning Panama as the main gateway for knowledge, innovation, and meetings throughout the region, providing a unique platform for international associations seeking to expand their presence, reach and legacy in Latin America and the Caribbean." 

Eugenia Powell, Director of Business Development at PROMTUR Panama, added: "The PAH is a landmark platform for Latin America, with a sustainable and enduring social impact. In addition to economic development, it will drive the advancement of knowledge and innovation through collaboration and exchange among professionals, experts, and organisations from various fields. It will attract specialised knowledge, research, and investment to foster growth and innovation in sectors or industries crucial for the region's development."  

The Panama Association Hub will join organisations like the United Nations, UNICEF, and the Red Cross, as well as international companies committed to innovation, research, and development in Panama's "City of Knowledge" campus, which serves as a central location where innovative businesses and international organisations can participate in a lively and collaborative community.

"ICCA is proud to be part of the Panama Association Hub (PAH) ecosystem, recognising the outstanding work of our association partners, PROMTUR," said Andres Escandon, ICCA regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean. "For the past three years, Panamá has invested decisively in the development and consolidation of Panama’s association and scientific ecosystem. We congratulate PROMTUR’s team, our local members, and key stakeholders involved in this process." 

ICCA recognises the strategic importance of Latin America and the Caribbean as an attractive market for international associations and their meetings. The operation of a new regional office within the association hub will increase ICCA's reach in the region, boosting value for ICCA members, partners, and regional stakeholders. The association hub will contribute to Latin America and the Caribbean’s ongoing transformation and development, encouraging more international associations to establish outposts in the region.  

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