Global Mobility Call Includes all Sectors of the Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem

The Spanish Ministry of Transportation leads the institutional backing of the event, to be held from the 14 to 16 June 2022 at IFEMA MADRID
18th Feb, 2022

Global Mobility Call, the major project by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub that will situate Madrid at the international epicentre of sustainable mobility, will integrate all of the sectors that make up this ecosystem and that place citizens at the centre of their short- and long-term solutions and policies.

The congress will take place from the 14 to 16 June 2022, and will have solid backing, both from institutions and from sector associations and leading companies, who participate as Allied Partners or Associate Companies, which ensures a holistic approach with all of the interconnected sectors, so that sustainable mobility can have beneficial social, economic and environmental impacts.

It will also be held within a context of health crisis, of climate emergency, economic inequality and challenges, where Recovery Plans emerge as an opportunity to make the most of sustainable mobility to achieve these beneficial impacts for society as a whole.

Inclusive participation to encourage synergies

GMC connects agents from various economic and social sectors who work directly or indirectly with sustainable mobility: public institutions, major corporations, associations, the academic and scientific world, investors, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs. This allows it to integrate sectors such as transport, infrastructure, energy, automotive, digital, finance, logistics, services, telecommunications, health, legal, technology, insurance, commerce and media.

The congress offers a platform that connects the main agents and stakeholders, encourages public-private alliances, as well as local, national and international networking.

As the basis of participation, GMC has solid institutional and corporate backing in its Organising Committee and work groups, led by the Ministry of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda, as well as support from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism; Ministry of Green Transition and Demographic Challenge; Community of Madrid and Madrid City Council.

From the corporate sector, the following are Allied Partners: Mapfre, Santander Consumer, Iberia, Iberdrola, Indra, Cabify, Net4Things and Deloitte. As Associate Companies we have Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid (CRTM), Metro de Madrid, Ferrovial, Renfe, Alsa, Uber and Renault Group.

The business associations are represented by the Asociación de Fabricantes y Distribuidores (AECOC), Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo e Impulso de la Movilidad Eléctrica (AEDIVE), Asociación Española de Retail (AER), Asociación Nacional de Empresas del Sector de Dos Ruedas (ANESDOR), Asociación Nacional Española de Fabricantes de Automóviles y Camiones (ANFAC), Asociación de Empresas Gestoras de los Transportes Urbanos Colectivos (ATUC), Confederación Española de Empresarios de Estaciones de Servicio (CEEES), Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales (CEOE), Comité Español de Representantes de Personas con Discapacidad (CERMI), Confederación Española de Transporte de Mercancías (CETM), Confederación Española del Transporte en Autobús (CONFEBUS), Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Ingenieros Industriales (CGCOII), Consejo Superior de Colegios de Arquitectos de España  (CSCAE), Asociación Ibérica de Gas Natural para la Movilidad (GASNAM), Madrid Capital Mundial de la Construcción, Ingeniería y Arquitectura (MWCC), Asociación Española de Proveedores de Automoción (SERNAUTO) and Organización Empresarial de Logística y Transporte (UNO).

Industry leaders and their social approach are main figures at Global Mobility Call

From the 14 to 16 June the IFEMA MADRID Auditorium will offer a programme where leading voices of the corporate sector, institutions, academics and entrepreneurs will participate in the discussion forums, conferences and presentations on the agenda and new trends in sustainable mobility.

Participation will be divided into five main themes and an exhibition area: New Urban Planning will approach the new urban models for energy efficiency, mobility and connectivity, focusing on citizens; Economic Development & Regulation will focus on the economic boost based on new public-private cooperation frameworks, corporate ecosystems and regulatory frameworks; Sustainable Transportation will focus on the challenges of multimodal transportation, planning and the best solutions; Tech, Data & Innovation will discuss the new technologies on infrastructure, data, automation and new services; and Future Society proposes a public global agenda to face the new emerging demographic and social challenges.

The third part of the programme will consist of three Actions for Society that involve the new generations, entrepreneurs and rural areas: New Generation Congress will provide a space for those under-35 to establish a mobility agenda for the coming decades; Rural Challenge will promote initiatives with mobility as an element for development in rural areas; and New Economy will encourage start-ups and scale-ups, by putting them in contact with investors, companies and institutions.

GMC will help to consolidate the positioning of sustainable mobility as the central concept of the social and economic change process, based on the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan developed by the Ministry of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda, which will have a prominent positioning at Global Mobility Call. This is an event not to be missed by international agents involved in the development of a safe, inclusive and sustainable mobility, backed by the Next Generation EU recovery plan, which will invest €750 million over the next five years.

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