EUMA: Contributing and dealing with change

19th Aug, 2015

European Management Assistants (EUMA) is the network for management support professionals, which offers training and development for the profession to meet the business requirements of today and especially tomorrow. In our fast changing business environment it is more and more important that companies know how to handle change management. Change management is our main topic for 2015: how we, as management support professionals, can contribute in a proactive way to our company and management, and how we can learn to deal with change when it comes to ourselves.

We are expected to focus on results, think and act like managers so as to contribute successfully to change management process. The change process in an organisation needs to expand the communication channels. An open, early and full communication is an important factor to a successful change management.

Crucial process
A one-way communication process, from top to down, won’t be successful. Our contribution in communication processes is crucial. We need to become more available, asking questions, giving an opportunity to our colleagues to give us input, asking for their opinion and how they feel. It is very important to make clear that our boss is accessible and a good listener.

With our manager and team, we can work on an initial plan for when employees can expect to learn more and about potential challenges that may be experiences in the end.

Keeping our colleagues updated with specific information, stating the challenges and concerns, clearing up rumors or any misinformation will help engage people at all levels of the organisation and maintain their focus on the business.

Our attitude is key. Remaining positive, committed, flexible, enthusiastic and always in control in stressful and confusing situations will motivate others. Our professional approach, empathy and humor, our willingness to change, our attitude to learn and apply new skills is a strength we have to showcase!

What we can do is encourage people, talk to them about how great they are at what they do, listening to their suggestions or comments, empower them to find their own solutions, emphasize how these strengths will help all adjust to new responsibilities. Let’s show the example of change, let’s show how open we are to new experiences.

Learn to deal with change when it comes to ourselves
Each and every one of us have to face the Realities of a constantly changing business environment . Our role as Management Support Professionals is evolving and developing to a new and more challenging direction.

Key skills to deal with business change include:

Strong Technical Skills
Gaining and sharing knowledge 24/7 is easier and faster. Using technology into our daily work to enhance our productivity is a key factor to our career development.

Cloud computing, web conferencing, mobility, new advancements in software and devices require new technical skills. We can work in different locations or on the road and still collaborate with our managers/supervisors/team.

Digital Communication applications, task management, travel management, event management and online collaboration are our “tools” to embrace change and adapt our working style.

Business Skills
These skills are similar with those displayed by our senior leaders.
• Resilience. Providing support to our managers and colleagues and keeping them effective.
• Trust building. When change is going to affect people, we are more likely to trust a line manager or a colleague than the big leadership team.
• Positive attitude and Flexibility. Lead by being an example.
• Coaching individuals who are stressed because of change. They need someone to show and explain to them that everyone reacts differently to change.
• Organisation of new procedures, explanation of how things will work in the office or in a department, will help our manager to focus on business.

EUMA's mission is to encourage and empower its members to cope with the New Realities and equip them with the grit and resilience to transform their career.

How can we be more adaptive?
Let’s find out on the EUMA events 2015!
The Annual Conference on September 25, 2015 in Limassol, Cyprus, will focus on "New Realities, Transform & Thrive". The venue will be the fantastic Amathus Beach Hotel***** (
We must react proactively and face challenges . And what best way is there than face each challenge and transform it into an opportunity, for ourselves and our organizations? So be it!! Let's TRANSFORM our way of thinking, listening and reacting. Let's THRIVE and flourish through our actions, our failures and our accomplishments.
The programme we have developed for our 2015 Conference will assist those who are facing changing conditions of employment and is carefully designed to help us meet our goal to Transform and Thrive. Let's not forget that this is an employers' market and people who work with genuine passion offering value through their strengths are much more attractive than those who simply work to earn a living.
At EUMA international events, we are happy to have a new cooperation with the Lufthansa Group Airlines, which provide a comprehensive global route network linking major cities around the world. We offer special prices and conditions to participants, visitors, exhibitors, invited guests of EUMA and their travel companions.  

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