Dubai to Host 2024 Wold Library and Information Congress

Flagship event of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) will be held in Arab-speaking world for first time
20th Jun, 2023

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) has selected Dubai, United Arab Emirates to host the 2024 World Library and Information Congress.

The Congress – IFLA’s flagship annual event – is a central moment in the life of the Global Library Field. It is a chance both for international visitors to experience and learn about other library cultures, and for participants from the host country and region to immerse themselves in international librarianship.

In recent years, and specifically with the creation of the Regional Divisions, IFLA has strongly committed itself to being a truly global organisation and is doing more to promote geographical and cultural inclusion, in line with our core values. After 95 years, IFLA is therefore looking forward to holding our first ever Congress in the Arabic-speaking world.

“As a global organisation, IFLA is all about providing a space for exchange and learning between cultures, and we all gain when we can hear from new voices and perspectives, as well as share learnings from our own work. I am very grateful to our colleagues in Dubai for making it possible to do this, for the first time, in the Arabic-speaking world,” said Barbara Lison, IFLA President.

IFLA WLIC 2024 promises to be a very different event, offering many colleagues their first real opportunity to take part in this key moment on the international library calendar, alongside thought leaders and dedicated volunteers from around the world. Dubai itself will offer an extraordinary combination of world-class infrastructure and modern libraries, and a rich heritage and cultural tradition.

IFLA is built on a commitment to shared values and principles, and promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion across its work. 

“I am excited that the World Library and Information Congress is finally coming to MENA, and know that those who attend will be impressed by the level of innovation and insight among our libraries. This Congress promises to broaden and deepen exchange between our region and the world, to the benefit of all,” said Imad Bachir, Chair of IFLA’s first MENA Regional Division Committee.

They look forward to sharing more about plans for WLIC 2024 at our 2023 Congress, which takes place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 21–25 August. Colleagues from Dubai will be ready to speak about the work of libraries in their country and region.

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