Choose Estonia, It's About Time!

26th Oct, 2021

Looking for a fresh, trendy, attractive destination for business events in Northern Europe?

Considered one of the most advanced digital societies in the world, Estonia is a new and innovative destination with high-quality business hotels, tourist spots, and venues within walking distance. In a somewhat overcrowded Europe, first-time visitors marvel at Estonia's historic environment. About half of the territory is covered by forests that feature a surprising variety of wildlife, making Estonia one of the cleanest and greenest countries in Europe – ranked 4th in Top Countries for Sustainable Tourism in the world (Sustainable Travel Index 2021). On the other hand, the country has 99% of public services available online 24 hours a day.

Tallinn - Green Capital of Europe 2023 

There are only some Europe cities as beautiful and easy to explore as the capital of Estonia. The city of 450,000 is famed for its impressive Old Town, one of the best-preserved medieval town centres in Europe. This centuries-old district of merchant houses, Gothic churches, winding lanes and other historical attractions is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Away from Old Town’s cobblestone streets, the city has a modern feel, with off-beat architecture and redesigned factory zones providing space for the buzzing dining and nightlife scene. In recent years, Tallinn has made a name for itself as one of the world's most technologically oriented cities, with advanced digital services now part of the daily lives of the bulk of the population. Its business-friendly environment and focus on innovation have also placed Tallinn among the world's most favourable cities for startups. In fact, the city has the highest number of startups per capita in Europe.

One major advantage Tallinn holds is its compact layout, which means that most sights, attractions, hotels, and restaurants are within easy walking distance of one another. Even getting into the centre from the Tallinn airport is quick – it’s just a 15-minute tram ride away and public transportation is free for international delegates, with prior arrangement. There are over 7,600 hotel rooms in Tallinn. The city’s largest conference facilities are located in the city centre close to most hotels. Tallinn also boasts a wealth of quirky, individual venues offering something a little different. Imagine holding your event in a spectacular, Renaissance-style guild, a former power station turned into fantastic industrial style venue or Russian tsar’s submarine factory, an opera house, Northern Europe’s best maritime museum or even a TV tower. 

Tartu - European Capital of Culture 2024

Tartu is Estonia’s second largest city, located 185 km south of Tallinn, and considered the capital of Southern Estonia. With a history that stretches back nearly 1,000 years, Tartu is the oldest city in the Baltics and is, naturally, packed with timeless cha

rm. On the other hand, Tartu is the Estonia´s main centre of knowledge and study with the nation´s top university, as well as a number of other institutes, research centres, biotechnology industries and several software companies located there. Tartu is going to be the European Capital of Culture in 2024 with the main topic being "Arts of Survival" where the programme lines are strongly concentrating on sustainability. As such, the programme is actively promoting biodiversity, organic food, and handicraft culture, as well as re- and upcycling. Maintaining a clean environment and green city standards have been Tartu's focus for decades as the city has always tried to make environmentally conscious decisions regarding its nature, industry, infrastructure, and the health of its citizens

Pärnu - Estonia's Summer Capital 

Pärnu, a city of 40,000 sitting on Estonia’s southwest coast, is the ultimate seaside resort destination – a place where an expansive sandy beach, tranquil parks, old-fashioned architecture and a nearly 200-year-old spa industry come together to create a relaxing escape from the pace of 21st century life. Estonians have nicknamed it their ‘Summer Capital’, but Pärnu is perfectly set up to host conferences and events throughout the year thanks to a finely-honed tourist sector. The industry has brought state-of-the-art spa and conference hotels along with an excellent local dining scene and a good share of nature-related group activities. The city’s prime location – roughly on the halfway point between Tallinn and Latvia’s capital, Riga, and reachable in about two hours from each – have also made it a popular pick for international conferences.


Join the live webinar on November 16th to find out more about how Estonia could work for your budget and event needs. All live attendees will be entered into a raffle to win an exclusive trip for two to Tallinn’s World-Famous Christmas Market! The webinar is hosted by Visit Estonia and the Estonian Convention Bureau.

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