China National Convention Center Endeavors to Secure 3 Major “Host Diplomacy” Events in the short span of 21 Days

3rd Jun, 2019

At the turn of spring to summer, China’s host diplomacy events were held one by one and brought wonderful performance to the world. China National Convention Center endeavors to secure the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Beijing International Horticultural Expo and the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilization with the highest standard of "Beijing Service" in a short span of 21 days. The Executive General Manager of CNCC Ms.Yilei said in the rally: "It was the first time that CNCC received several major events with such high intensity and density since its opening. With time constraints, heavy tasks and great responsibilities, CNCC was expanding new ideas, trying new models, planning ahead of time, making adequate preparations, overall arrangement of the universal demands, focusing on carry out personalized needs, and it was a tough fight!"

The theme of the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation is “Building One Belt, One Road, creating a Bright Future”. Compared with the first session, this summit forum has higher specifications, larger scale, longer duration and more activities. The contents of all the services include: the opening ceremony of the summit forum, CEOs' meeting, 12 parallel sessions and high-level meetings. All the conference areas, exhibition areas and some supporting hotels of China National Convention Center was put into use, CNCC provided conference, catering, accommodation and other related services for delegates, media reporters, staff and security personnel.

According to statistics, China National Convention Center provides 135 meeting room services for the forum. During the forum, the maximum number of CNCC to turnover table and chairs per day was 107 times. The turnover work from meeting room, the demand for catering to the number of tables and chairs, the adjustment of the layout, etc. In China National Convention Center Grand Hotel where the staff stayed, the newly-launched smart supermarket invited all the guests to experience the convenience brought by the new technology. Take out the mobile phone and scan the QR code to enter the supermarket then you can enjoy choosing your favorite goods, self-checking out. We set a smiling face indication in the simply food supply table; we respect different culture and set up a prayer room; in order to avoid guest’s allergies to food, the name of the food label have both English and Chinese, the ingredients and accessories are marked. These small details let guests to feel Beijing's high quality service.

The Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilization is another important diplomatic event held by China following the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and Beijing Expo. It is a landmark international event. The theme of the conference is "Asia civilization exchange and building a community with a shared future”. The main activities include: welcome dinner, opening ceremony, parallel session, Asian Culture Carnival, Asian Civilization Week, etc. It is a broad platform for bringing together Asian civilisation and converging Asian consensus. It is also a wonderful event to exchange Asian culture and for people gathering together. The event is based in Asia and facing the world, the conference is open to all civilisations in the world and open to friends all over the world. According to statistics, during the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilization, there were more than 2,000 guests from 47 countries and five continents, and more than 2,900 Chinese and foreign media journalists gathered at the China National Convention Center.

It is worth mentioning that in a series of major events of hospitality service, the creative customized catering service of CNCC is impressive and frequently praised by guests from all over the world. The forum has delegates come from many countries, involving a wide geographical area and a large number of people. The religious taboos, eating habits and tastes of the guests are different, CNCC carefully selected ingredients, attentively designed the dishes and the decoration of the dining table, paying attention to every detail and taking into account innovation. The "craftsmanship spirit" of CNCC catering team is throughout the whole forum, brought the enjoyment to the guests while integrated into Chinese catering culture evolved into a special "language" to represented the Chinese story to all the guests from all over the world.

At the same time of home services, North Star Venue Management service team also participated in the service guarantee of the "Asian Cultural Carnival" held at the National Stadium (Bird's Nest) on May 15. North Star Venue Management service team undertook the service of Chinese and foreign VIP rooms, the podium and the VIP elevator. To let Beijing service performed a wonderful splendor in other venue outside of CNCC. On May 16, CNCC catering team attended Asian Food Festival. They made a wonderful appearance, and used creative catering to tell the story of China.

This former Olympic building is not only a landmark of Beijing, but also a window to show Chinese services. As an important platform for safeguarding international exchanges, the second phase of the China National Convention Center under construction will be integrated with the first phase to form a world-class, fully functional exhibition complex with a total scale of more than 1.2 million square meters. By then, the capital Beijing will have a leading international exhibition complex that can meet the needs of high-level government affairs, state affairs and diplomatic activities, and meet the needs of various large-scale international exchange activities and business exhibition activities. The international influence of North Star Venue Management Brand will continue to expand, and we will continue to show the world our strong comprehensive strength and service level!

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