BCEC Introduces Sensory Zones for Great Hall Concerts

5th Sep, 2022

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) has created zones for people with sensory sensitivities and those seeking ‘time out’ from the noise and crowds of live events.

The Centre’s multi-sensory and low sensory zones provide safe and calming spaces for those on the autism spectrum, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), anxiety and other similar conditions, giving them the confidence to attend events, knowing they have access to such spaces.

The Centre consulted with Autism CRC, in developing these specialised zones.

Dr Olivia Gatfield, Executive Officer of Autism CRC’s Sylvia Rodger Academy, commended BCEC for establishing the zones and making the Centre more inclusive of people on the autism spectrum.

“BCEC’s establishment of low and multi-sensory zones promotes the accessibility of events by providing dedicated spaces for those who are needing to lessen their sensory input, are experiencing sensory overload or those who may need a different alternative,” she commented.

The ASM Global managed Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre has created a multi-sensory zone and a low-sensory zone to cater for individual sensory requirements. These sensory zones are designed to be portable so they can be easily set up in different spaces across the venue.

The multi-sensory zone is designed for those seeking sensory input in a controlled way.  Items in this zone include a bubble tower, fibre optic lights, bluetooth music speaker, ipad and galaxy projector with each item able to be controlled to suit individual requirements.

The low-sensory zone is designed for those who want to reduce their sensory experience. It is a more basic set up and acts as a quiet zone with low lighting.

General Manager, Kym Guesdon congratulated those responsible for the initiative. “Everyone deserves to be able to participate and enjoy an event or their favourite activities. This is a big step in improving accessibility and inclusivity at our venue, as well as helping to strengthen our community, a key pillar of ASM Global’s Corporate Responsibility Program.”

Box Office Manager, Jessica Ralph said the Box Office Team had received positive feedback from those who have used the space. One mother revealed to the team that her daughter was overcome by emotion when told of the choices she had with the sensory rooms.

BCEC’s sensory zones are available for all ticketed events held in the Centre’s Great Hall and are located in spaces close to the auditorium. 

More information on Accessibility at BCEC on our website.

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