ASSOCIATIONWORLD Launches Conference for Association Public Affairs and Advocacy

10th May, 2023

ASSOCIATIONWORLD, together with association public affairs experts, partners and Members of the European Parliament, is launching the first public affairs and advocacy gathering exclusively for European association and non-profit professionals on 29th June 2023, in Brussels.

Gathering representatives of European Associations, Non-Profits, Federations, Societies and NGOs, the European Conference of Association Public Affairs and Advocacy Professionals aims at establishing Europe’s prime platform and knowledge-transfer event in the world’s leading political and institutional hub, Brussels.

The city boasts political accessibility like no other globally and a central location for international diplomacy, research, innovation and professional expertise. Its unique ecosystem of public, private, non-profit and academic players provides a fertile ground for fostering an impactful dialogue and expertise sharing. Building a community amongst European and international associations and non-profit organisations is an essential element for future collaborations.

The European Conference of Association Public Affairs and Advocacy Professionals is expected to become Europe’s leading platform to drive dialogue between association public affairs and advocacy professionals, opinion leaders and influencers. The common goal is to provide knowledge transfer, enable peer-to-peer exchange, share best practices and design joint initiatives to tackle common challenges and help achieve better results and greater impact.

The first edition of the event will be chaired by Wouter Lox, Secretary General of AIJN - the European Fruit Juice Association – surrounded by a group of other leading European association Secretary Generals, CEO’s, Managing Directors, Directors and Heads of Public Affairs Departments of associations, non-profits, and NGO’s.

Lox invites: “Seasoned Public Affairs professionals should attend this event to share knowledge, learn, and expand their networks because public affairs is an ever-evolving field that requires continuous learning and adaptation. The political environment is constantly changing, and new insights and transitional strategies are needed to navigate the complexities of public affairs. Attending this event is an excellent opportunity to gain insights from other professionals in the field and learn about emerging trends and best practices.

Public affairs is both an art and a science, and successful strategies rely on a deep understanding of the political landscape and the ability to analyse and interpret information. Even the best strategies can be undermined by unforeseen events or changes in the political climate, so staying up to date on the latest insights and strategies is crucial. In short, attending this event is a crucial part of the learning path for public affairs professionals, who must continuously adapt to stay ahead of the curve and navigate the complex and ever-changing political environment.”

President of ASSOCIATIONWORLD, Kai Troll, an association leader himself, says: “Association public affairs and advocacy professionals are missing a dedicated learning and development platform and there is obviously a need to bring together European association public affairs and advocacy professionals to discuss their challenges, opportunities and potential collaborations. We are, therefore, thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new public affairs conference for associations and advocacy professionals. The conference will bring together some of the brightest minds in the field to discuss needs, latest trends, best practices, and strategies for advancing policy priorities and achieving advocacy goals.

Whether one is a seasoned veteran of public affairs or just starting out in the field, the conference is the perfect opportunity to gain new skills, expand professional network, and stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in advocacy. The conference will be a must-attend event for anyone working in public affairs, government relations, or advocacy. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with peers from a wide range of industries and gain valuable insights into how to navigate the complex landscape of policy-making and influence”.

With expert speakers from leading associations and non-profits, advocacy organisations, and government agencies, the conference will cover a broad range of topics, including: Effective lobbying strategies for associations and non-profits; Building coalitions and partnerships to advance policy goals; Harnessing the power of data and analytics in advocacy; Engaging grassroots supporters and building a strong grassroots network; Navigating the changing regulatory landscape in the age of digital advocacy; What works for associations and what not? and more.

In addition to an exciting line-up of speakers, the event will have interactive workshops, roundtable discussions, and networking events designed to help attendees connect with their peers and share insights and best practices.

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