An incredible solution to one of the most immediate world challenges

5th May, 2017

With the patented GENiusTM  the world’s most energy-efficient Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) module of its kind, Water-Gen’s various water generator models can serve the water needs from a small house to whole villages to an entire country. By generating the water directly from the air, Water-Gen has developed an independent, innovative and autonomous solution. It is a plug and drink solution, requiring only electricity and no infrastructure. A healthy, quick and easy solution that aims to benefit every community and all humanity.  

In early March, the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that tainted water is one of the environmental factors causing death to 1.7 million children during their first five years. The report entitled, “Inheriting a Sustainable World: Atlas on Children’s Health and the Environment,” concluded that the most common causes of death among these children are diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia, all preventable in part by access to safe water.

In addition to its AWG line of products, which may also be powered by solar energy, WaterGen has also developed portable water filtration solutions, designed to handle emergencies and benefit victims in relief efforts, including a lightweight, battery energy operated filtration system for contaminated water resources, called the “spring" Senior governmental officials and international military bodies, including the Israel Defenses Forces, are keen on utilizing Water-Gen's expertise with emergency and rescue devices to handle emergencies and with save and rescue missions.

Across the United States, contaminated water is an almost weekly headline. Water-Gen is already speaking with officials on the federal, and state levels to set up preventative measures against contaminated water resources. The company is properly positioned to provide effective outcomes in California, Flint, Michigan, and other U.S. states where Water-Gen may provide an alternative solution for clean drinking water. This coming April, 2017, Water-Gen is launching its first pilot study in Miami-Dade County, Florida, which will be analyzed as a prototype for additional U.S. locations. 

For every community size, Water-Gen has the ability to help. The Large Scale Water Generators can potentially service billions around the world, including whole cities, villages, schools, and hospitals. The GEN-350G Medium Scale Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) was awarded the "Atmospheric Water Generation for Forward Operating Base" CCD Contract with the UK Ministry of Defense. The Genny, the Water from Air Home Appliance, is a quick plug and drink solution which makes it ideal for homes and offices with a quick and easy installation. 

Executive Chairman of Water-Gen, Maxim Pasik said "Water-Gen will continue to make great strides in changing people's lives for the better, and we extend our commitment to work with all international governments to ensure that every human being has access to clean drinking water."

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