Age of Adaptation: The Quest for New Association Business Models

6th Jun, 2019

Kenes Group has released a new white paper on the future of association management. Author Gergana Tzvetkova, Associate Association Manager at Kenes, addresses how non-profit organisations are now driven to rethink their mission, purpose, values, and the means and speed with which they interact with their members, partners, and benefactors.

Gergana TzvetkovaOne of the oldest forms of organised human interaction – the association – has been affected by the ever-growing interconnectedness of people, processes, knowledge dissemination, and communication – or what we simply call globalisation. Associations are compelled to find new ways to be sustainable and resilient in a world where everything is fast, and nothing is ever unique.

As traditional income streams are eroded by this changing world, a popular discussion has become that of new business models. What is non-dues revenue (NDR) and why are associations increasingly looking for such streams of income? What are the sources of NDR and can the non-profit organisation using them remain self-sustainable, relevant, and à la mode? And what is the potential of each NDR source? We attempt to answer these questions using relevant examples from the practice of the Kenes Group Associations team.

Chapter list:

  • Non-Dues Revenue – What, Why, and How
  • Fundraising and Donations for Impact
  • Social Media’s Wide Reach
  • Sponsorship Gains
  • Gateway to Online Education
  • The New Realm of Publications
  • De-traditionalising Dues
  • De-traditionalising Membership
  • Associations’ Future Outlook

Download the full white paper here:

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