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1st Apr, 2016

The Hague is well known around the world. Located in the south west of The Netherlands, it is the seat of the Dutch government and home to the country’s Royal family. It is loved for its beautiful location right at the sea and its rich culture represented by a multitude of museums and historical buildings.

However, the city has more to offer. In the last two decades, it has transformed into an international knowledge infrastructure, based on an enormous intellectual and human capital.
The International Court of Justice, located within the Peace Palace, is a manifestation of the values of peace and justice that The Hague stands for. From the second Peace Conference in 1907 and onwards, numerous top-profile meetings on political and social issues have taken place in the many historical venues that The Hague has to offer. This accumulation of knowledge and expertise has shaped The Hague as the International City of Peace and Justice. World leaders rely on its infrastructure to hold their conventions – and every single time the city delivers.

Peace and Justice is not the only area in which The Hague offers in-depth knowledge and an outstanding network. The city leads in a number of economic clusters: Security, Information & Technology, Energy and Renewables, as well as Legal and Finance. The many global companies which are situated the Hague, as well as event organisers who choose the city as their destination, benefit from the drive towards innovation and knowledge development in these fields.  
The infrastructure of The Hague enhances this expertise and ensures a well-organised and pleasant stay. Multiple locations can be chosen for hosting an event. The World Forum, an easily accessible congress centre situated in the heart of the international district, successfully hosted the largest summit in the history of the Netherlands. The World Forum is located in the neighbourhood of several high-class hotels and restaurants. Only a few minutes away the Diner Thuis can be discovered: In the homely atmosphere of “The Hague’s best kept secret” business meals or all-day meetings can be held. If desired, groups can cook a multi-course menu themselves while being guided by a professional chef.

These two venues are but a glimpse into the highly developed network of venues, restaurants, hotels and service providers in The Hague. This network operates to make sure that your event receives all the attention and the visibility it deserves. We invite you to organise your next conference in our city and enjoy the inspiration, the expertise and the elegance of The Hague.

To find out how The Hague can be the perfect host for your next event, email us at or call: + 31 (0)703 618 888.

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