Why choose France for your next Congress or Event?

3rd Jun, 2016

France’s popularity as a MICE & Congress destination is a successful combination of different factors. While reasons such as easy accessibility, top-of-the-line infrastructure facilities, economic and scientific strengths, picturesque landscapes and choice of unique venues reinforce France’s superior positioning in this field, other unique elements such as France’s distinct Art de Vivre (way of life), its rich cultural heritage and its appetising gastronomy add the perfect touch to enrich the quality of your congress or business event.

Already the number one tourist destination in the world with 84.5 million visitors welcomed in 2015, France is ranked 5th in the most recent ICCA ratings (International Congress and Convention Associations) hosting 522 international conferences and conventions. These encouraging statistics fortify France’s position as a destination where innovation inspires business.

To further acquaint you with France’s strengths, we present a comprehensive list of reasons that will inspire you to plan your next congress in France.

Convenient access: Paris, Europe’s main hub for international travel. Featuring direct flights to main French cities with 11 international airports, trains to main French cities with 28 high-speed train stations (TGV), and direct rail services with 9 European countries.

Economic and scientific strengths: France is Europe’s third largest economy and the sixth largest in the world.

France is a leading player in a number of key economic sectors. The country is able to call on sectors that sustain the export market (aeronautics, transport, luxury goods etc.) as well as those focusing on the industries of tomorrow, such as new technologies, biotechnologies and renewable energy. To illustrate this, France is home to no fewer than 71 competitiveness clusters across the country. The expertise it boasts in all these sectors makes France a superb destination for organising major conferences.

Natural, historic and cultural heritage: Although France is a dynamic economic destination, it’s also the world’s leading tourist destination. The French way of life and the variety of destinations on offer make the country a unique playground for visitors. France’s appeal lies in its wide variety of landscapes, sites and monuments.

Modern infrastructures: The total area of event space available in France covers around 2.5 million square metres divided between 175 venues as follows:

  • 73 convention centres, all equipped with the latest technology.
  • 72 exhibition centres with large capacity.
  • 30 multi-purpose venues (sports, shows, conferences, etc.)
  • 214 million Euros of investment in event facilities in 2013 (Source UNIMEV)

Accommodation and facilities: A hotel inventory of more than 500,000 rooms ensures accommodation options suitable for all budgets. More than 14,000 hotels in France have adopted the international classification system designed to attract an international market. This system runs from 1 to 5 stars and includes a “Palace” distinction.

  • More than 8000 “3, 4 or 5” star hotels
  • 16 Palaces, luxury hotels with charm and character

French Art de Vivre & Gastronomy: Internationally renowned for its quality and diversity, French cuisine continues to evolve through chefs constantly revisiting and reinventing tradition. Since November 2010, “The Gastronomic Meal of the French” has been declared World Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Safety: France accords great importance to the safety of its visitors. The public authorities and tourism professionals have made safety a national priority:

  • A state of emergency has been declared by the President of the French Republic. The measures implemented aim to strengthen security and have no impact on the quality of the experience of foreign tourists in France.
  • Police and gendarmerie reinforcements have been deployed across France.
  • Inspections and staff levels have been increased in public transport and around sites receiving the public, including tourist attractions.
  • There are no general travel restrictions on travel and journeys.
  • No specific restrictions have been placed on groups of travellers.

Professional Expertise: A proven track record of hosting successful congress lends credibility to the fact that France offers a network of dedicated and talented professionals. Efficient and creative Professional Congress Organisers are committed to improving services and offering valuable support that contribute to the success of your congress.

For detailed guide on Congresses & Events in France, click here.


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