The new CCH – Great CCHances for 2020

9th Apr, 2018

Join us for an exciting digital discovery trip to one of Europe's biggest convention centers!

The CCH – Congress Center Hamburg has been undergoing comprehensive modernisation and remodelling since January 2017. With a total available exhibition space of 12,000 square meters, another 12,000 square meters of foyer space, and 12,000 seats in up to 50 halls and rooms, we will be offering our customers nearly unlimited options for their conventions, conferences and other events from 2020 onward.

“While the construction work progresses, our CCHange Campaign focuses on a digital marketing strategy to make the new CCH as vivid and tangible as possible,” stresses Heike Mahmoud, Chief Operating Officer CCH – Congress Center Hamburg. “At IMEX in Frankfurt our customers can enjoy an exciting new technology: For the first time we will present a 3D viewing application based on the Real-time engine that is used with virtual reality (VR) goggles. The resulting visual experience is comparable to a real walk through the new CCH and by far exceeds static 360 degree views.”

Originally developed for computer games, the 3D or Unreal Engine allows users to determine themselves where they want to go. They can freely roam the rooms and entire buildings, walk down hallways, view their environment at any angle, and even interact with objects. Light and shadow change in a natural way depending on location and light source.

In addition, there are several other digital tools available to experience the new CCH: From an iPad app and an individual space layout configurator to our Showroom centered around the virtual CCH hologram.

You will find the CCH team at IMEX at the Hamburg stand, G100.

For more information on the new CCH and some visual impressions please visit

Photo Credit:
The new CCH: Visualization Entrance Hall
© Planung Arbeitsgemeinschaft agnLeusmann mit TIM HUPE Architekten

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