Luxembourg, the Best Place to Make your Events More Sustainable

25th Nov, 2022

According to the 2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) which ranks 180 countries based on their performance on climate change, environmental health and ecosystem vitality, the Grand Duchy is the sixth greenest country in the world. This brilliant score is not due to chance. To all those who wish to organise international and responsible events, Luxembourg has many assets to offer such as accessibility, free public transport, leadership in sustainable finance, and a competitive and responsible economy.

Travelling in an eco-friendly way

Nestled between France, Belgium and Germany at the heart of Western Europe, Luxembourg is increasingly popular with responsible travellers and businesses. The country is easily accessible without flying. From the neighbouring countries, you can be in Luxembourg in only a few hours by train. And if you need to travel by plane, Luxembourg’s international airport offers direct flights to many cities in Europe.

You can travel everywhere in the Grand Duchy in an eco-friendly way. Luxembourg became the first to offer free public transportation. Thanks to this free access to the nationwide network of trains, trams and buses, your events’ costs and carbon footprint will be lower.

Sustainable finance and economy

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a leader in sustainable finance with expertise in investment funds, insurance, capital markets and banking, ranking as the second financial centre in the European Union. In 2020, Luxembourg started selling sustainability bonds to mobilise investments into projects with positive environmental and social outcomes.

Luxembourg has also taken measures to make its economy more competitive and sustainable by developing a new roadmap, “Ons Wirtschaft vu Muer” (Our economy to tomorrow). It includes a series of short- and medium-term actions to accelerate digitalisation, facilitate the transition to a circular economy, develop resilient value chains and foster a safe and trusted data economy.

A dedicated team of experienced events professionals

To take full advantage of the fantastic opportunities that Luxembourg offers to make your next business event more responsible, you can rely on the support of the Luxembourg Convention Bureau, the country’s official representative of the business events sector. A dedicated team of experienced events professionals can connect you with industry experts, help plan your entire eco-event in Luxembourg – from venue and accommodation to catering and entertainment. In addition, your event can tap into Luxembourg’s lively research and innovation sector, allowing delegates to network with and learn from the lively ecosystem.

So, don’t hesitate to opt for Luxembourg, a top destination for your green business events. The country is small, but has a big heart.

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