FAIB Salary Benchmark survey

An in-depth look at salaries and benefits across associations in Brussels
10th Apr, 2018

The Federation of European and International Associations (FAIB) published the results of its benchmark survey of annual remuneration and benefits for NGOs, professional and trade associations in Brussels, with the support of its board members and its associate member, DKW.

What’s special about this survey is its breadth,” commented FAIB President Adrian Harris. “There are indeed many good association and company lobbyist salary and benefit surveys published by different organisations, but what is special about our survey is that it goes in depth into the pay and benefits packages of its different categories of members – notably on the one hand classical trade and professional associations and on the other charity and NGO staff. No one has to date carried out such a fine analysis which highlights the sometimes striking differences within the Brussels association world.

This survey is based on data gathered on the remuneration and the fringe benefits of associations’ permanent staff from 131 organisations. It covers all job categories, from top management to administrative support staff and will therefore serve as a useful guideline and tool for (international) non-profit associations (NPAs).

There were large variances in salary and benefits between organisations, much of which can often be explained by the type and size of organization as well as the average age of the employees.

The most common benefits provided are thirteenth month salary (85%), luncheon vouchers (82 %), extra legal holidays (78%), and travelling to and from the office by public transport (78%).

Only 65% of organisations have a pension scheme for all employees, 50% give eco-cheques and 56% offer hospitalisation insurance and 15% provide company cars.

Trade associations are much more likely to provide a pension scheme, mobile phone or company car, while NGOs/charities are more likely to provide flexible working hours and time off in lieu.

According to the survey, the median age of the CEOs/Secretary Generals is 50 years old with a slight majority (56%) being male. The median remuneration is between 7,000 and 8,000 gross euros per month with a total annual cost to the organisation between 120,000 and 150,000 euros.

There are, however, considerable differences between types and size of organisations: 61 % of those working for trade associations with annual budgets above 1 million euros were paid more 14,000 euros per month, while similar sized charities were generally paid between 7,000-8,000 euros.

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